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Re: Convert Graphics3D to Graphics2D. Is it possible?

On 13 Oct, 15:24, Szabolcs Horv=E1t <szhor... at> wrote:
> If my memory serves me right, in versions <= 5 this used to be possible
> by wrapping the Graphics3D[] object in Graphics[].
> In versions >= 6 it is not possible anymore.

You are right, thank you for this note. This functionality in v.5 is
exactly what I need. It works perfect in v.5 but in v.6 and v.7 such
functionality is absent and this means that I should go back to v.5
which does not take advantages of new graphics capabilities of version

> It is possible to export
> to PDF and then re-import, which will give you a 2D representation that
> is quite large and difficult to work with.

You are right.

> I usually export complicated 3D graphics as high resolution bitmaps
> rather than vector images.  This results in smaller size and more
> consistent quality when viewed on screen.

In really it is possible (and it is not too difficult) to optimize the
number of points in the 2D-projection of complex 3D-line plot and such
vector graphics will have size in 3-20 kilobytes - much less than
bitmap and of high quality! But it is really simple only inside
Mathematica and having real 2D-projection of all points AND axes with
ticks and labels... The latter is problem in v.6 and v.7 but in v.5
all of this is created automatically. The lack of such functionality
in v.>=6 is painful.

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