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Compile with Boolean Arrays

Can anyone explain why this works:

MatrixMultiply =
  {{a, _Integer, 2}, {x, _Integer, 1}},
  Inner[Times, a, x, Plus],
  {{Inner[__], _Integer, 1}}

MatrixMultiply[{{2, 0}, {0, 1}}, {2, 1}]

But this doesn't:

LogicalMatrixMultiply =
  {{a, True | False, 2}, {x, True | False, 1}},
  Inner[And, a, x, Or],
  {{Inner[__], True | False, 1}}

LogicalMatrixMultiply[{{True, False}, {False, True}}, {True, False}]

I thought I used the correct syntax for Boolean arguments in Compile...

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