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Re: Wolfram does not support Mathematica 8.0 on SUN OS

On Dec 24, 4:10 am, p... at RQNNE.invalid (Per R=F8nne) wrote:
> P_ter <petervansumme... at> wrote:
> > 1. does someone have Mathematica 8.0 running on UNIX: which UNIX?
> It runs on MacOS X Snow Leopard which is UNIX:
> <
> _OS_X_Server>
> --
> Per Erik R nne
> Errare humanum est, sed in errore perseverare turpe

It is a "Unix" on particular hardware.
It is POSSIBLE, although quite difficult, to run Snow Leopard on non-
apple hardware.
I would not want to drag myself through the ordeal of getting Snow
Leopard to run
on Sun hardware.

If the O/p has recently bought a Sun and is "wedded to it" the easiest
and simplest
course would probably be to install Oracle Virtual Box and run Linux
in that, then install
mathematica on the Linux virtual machine.  {both are "FREE", license
and cash wise}

This path is similar to that which I took with SAGE (an open source
alternative to mathematica)
to run in a Windows environment - which is a similarly not supported
platform for SAGE.
Performance is "acceptable", e.g. what takes 10 hours on a virtual
Linux takes 7 hours
on a stand-alone linux.
The vitualization isn't the only factor, the standalone system has a
full 4 Gigs of RAM, the
virtual machine was allocated only 1 Gig.
I have obtained significantly better performance when allocating 2900
Meg of memory
to the virtual machine, although Windows performance degraded
significantly with
a little over 1 Gig of memory - Vista seems to be a memory hog (-:

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