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Re: export differential equation solution obtained

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  • Subject: [mg106346] Re: [mg106326] export differential equation solution obtained
  • From: Bob Hanlon <hanlonr at>
  • Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2010 03:28:03 -0500 (EST)
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In your first equation (after "=" is replaced by "=="), you used p[t] in both terms. I changed the second to n[t]

sol3 = NDSolve[{
     p'[t] == -0.0491*p[t] - 0.0089*n[t],
     n'[t] == 0.0491*p[t] + (0.0491 - 0.0089)*n[t],
     p[0] == 25000, n[0] == 0},
    {p, n}, {t, 0, 100}][[1]];

Plot[Evaluate[n[t] + p[t] /. sol3], {t, 0, 100}]

Generate an array of the data that you want

data = Join[{{"t", "n[t]", "p[t]", "n[t] + p[t]"}},
   Table[{t, n[t], p[t], n[t] + p[t]},
     {t, 0, 100, 5}] /. sol3];

Export["newdata.csv", data];

Bob Hanlon

---- Yun Zhao <yun.m.zhao at> wrote: 

Hi everyone,

  I would like to know if there is a way to export differential equation
solution obtained through Mathematica to microsoft excel.  There are several
data processing things that I want to know, that simply plotting the
solution in Mathematica won't suffice.

  I have a system of differential equations like so:


When I plotted it in Mathematica using this code:


I get a exponential increasing function plotting number vs. time.

What I want is the values of both the time vector and number vector, and I
want to copy and paste them into two columns in microsoft excel.

I tried using:

Export["newdata.dat", Evaluate[{n[t]+p[t]}/.First[sol3]]

But this gives me a .dat file with the time and number vectors all scrambled

My question is:

(1) is there a better way to tell Mathematica what I want to export, because
I don't think Evaluate[{n[t]+p[t]}/.First[sol3] is the correct term to
convey what I want

(2) How do I properly export differential equation solutions that I can
graph but not display in Mathematica, to spreadsheets software like
Microsoft Excel?

Thank you all very much.

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