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Access connection failure in a Windows 7 64 bits system

This connection
OpenSQLConnection[ JDBC["Microsoft Access(ODBC)",
FileNameJoin[{NotebookDirectory[], "MyAccessDatabase.mdb"}]],
"Catalog" -> Automatic, "Description" -> None, "Password" -> None,
"Name" -> "manualA",  "ReadOnly" -> True, "RelativePath" -> False,
"UseConnectionPool" -> False, "Username" -> None, "Version" -> 2.`]
works right in my PC with Windows Vista 32 bits and my old laptop with
Windows XP.
But the problem crops up when I try it in my new laptop with Windows 7
64 bits, there is a connection failure and next message is shown
=93JDBC::error: [Microsoft] [ODBC Drivers Manager] Database source name
not found and no default driver specified=94 (free translation from
I get the same result (error and message) trying the connection using
the GUI with OpenSQLConnection[].
Access 2003 is installed in all the systems.
Import["MyAccessDatabase.mdb",=85] works, but only with tables and I
need to make a lot of SQL queries.
Any suggestions?

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