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Re: The side-effects of mixing TraditionalForm inside

In article <i0urg4$6jp$1 at>,
 Murray Eisenberg <murray at> wrote:

> If you want to open all the closed groups in _any_ window, including a 
> window inside the Help Browser, after being sure that window has the 
> focus, you can do it with the menu:
>    Edit > Select All
>    Cell > Grouping > Open All Subgroups
> And the menu items will show you which keyboard shortcuts to use on your 
> platform.

Following is on Mac using Tiger and Mathematica 7:

If I type a command -- e.g., "TraditionalForm" -- in a notebook cell and 
hit Cmd-Shift-F (or Help key on extended keyboard), Help Browser opens 
with focus in the Search field at the top of the window.  

Haven't found a key command to get focus from there into anywhere in the 
window itself: Arrow keys, Tab key, Cmd-A, don't seem to do it.   ???

Mouse click will shift focus to the Help Browser window, but you have to 
be careful to either click between cells, or after clicking use Arrow 
keys to get cursor between cells.

Cmd-A will then select all cells (or groups), and Cmd-Shift-{ will open 
all of them.

So, four (or 5+) key commands and one mouse click to get from notebook 
cell to More Info items this way.  I'd prefer having More Info be open 
by default when Help Browser window opens, meaning _one_ key command 
from notebook cell to More Info info.  

More Info list is usually pretty short; the Examples header and start of 
example cells is generally visible below it on the initial screen.  And 
it's the natural place to alert first-time info seekers to gotchas or 
other warnings, for those few Mathematica commands that may need such 

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