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Re: Change Default Button Method

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  • Subject: [mg110808] Re: Change Default Button Method
  • From: David Reiss <dbreiss at>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2010 07:43:34 -0400 (EDT)
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On Jul 6, 5:03 am, Simon <simonjty... at> wrote:
> Hi Nate,
> You can see the default options using:
> In[1]:= Options[Button]
> Out[1]= {Active->True,Alignment->Automatic,Appearance-
> >Automatic,AutoAction->False,Background->Automatic,BaselinePosition-
> >Automatic,BaseStyle->GenericButton,DefaultBaseStyle->Button,Enabled-
> >Automatic,Evaluator->Automatic,FrameMargins->Automatic,ImageMargins-
> >0,ImageSize->Full,Method->Preemptive}
> You can set options with:
> In[2]:= SetOptions[Button,Method->"Queued"]
> Out[2]= {Active->True,Alignment->Automatic,Appearance-
> >Automatic,AutoAction->False,Background->Automatic,BaselinePosition-
> >Automatic,BaseStyle->GenericButton,DefaultBaseStyle->Button,Enabled-
> >Automatic,Evaluator->Automatic,FrameMargins->Automatic,ImageMargins-
> >0,ImageSize->Full,Method->Queued}
Although this would be the way to do this, I would strongly recommend
against it since considerable breakage of other things can occur.  The
simple reason is that any other button that appears in any other user
interface (including the ones that come with mathematica itself such
as the preferences UI) would then end up using Method->"Queued".
It is generally best to explicitly set the Method option for Button
or any other similar user interface widgets....


> Simon
> On Jul 6, 11:13 am, Nate Dudenhoeffer <ndudenhoef... at> wrote:
> > I frequently use buttons in my projects, and almost always use the
> > Mehod->"Queued" option.  Is there a way to change the default setting=
 so I
> > don't have to type this every time?  It seems like this should be pos=
> > using a stylesheet, but I don''t know the syntax.  Any help would be
> > appreciated.
> > Nate

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