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Re: Show left hand side

I'm not certain exactly what you are looking for here, but maybe this simple
example will help. Copy and paste the entire expression into one cell of a
notebook and evaluate. You could develop an annotated derivation this way by
adding steps and reevaluating.

Print["Starting equation"] 
radius == HoldForm[1 + 1] 
Print["Evaluate the rhs"] 
%% // ReleaseHold 
Print["Add x to both sides"] 
# + x & /@ %% 
Print["Square the result."] 
#^2 & /@ %% 
Print["Expand the right hand side."] 
MapAt[Expand, %%, 2] 

David Park
djmpark at  

From: Sam Takoy [mailto:sam.takoy at] 


When Mathematica prints an expression not terminated by a semicolon, I 
find it hard to match up the output with what I was trying output when a 
block of commands has many commands not terminated by a semicolon. Is 
there a way to get Mathematica to output the LHS so when I have R=1+1 it 
outputs R = 2 or something like that.


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