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Re: data in absolutetime


You are correct that
In[1]:= AbsoluteTime["20100520"]
Out[1]= 3483302400

Your list c is a list of numbers. When you try the single value, you enclose 
it in quotes.
Here are 2 list one is a list of strings d, c is your version.


In[3]:= Map[AbsoluteTime,d, 1]

In[4]:= Map[AbsoluteTime,c, 1]

In[5]:= Map[AbsoluteTime, Map[ToString,c,1],1]

If you wish to leave your list as a list of integers the see above.


So you need to
"Beata Warchol" <beatawarchol at> wrote in message 
news:ht5o84$14f$1 at
> Dear MathGroup,
> I have list of date
> for example:
> c={20100520,20100519,20100512,20100516,20100430,200100425,20100411,20100407}
> in this format.
> I need get from this list a new list with the same date but in 
> absolutetime
> When I use AbsoluteTime["20100520"], I get this, but I don't know how  can 
> I
> use it for whole list c
> Please for help
> Beata

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