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Re: Using Mathematica remotely (installed on Mac, to be accessed from X)

On 22 Sep., 07:56, Pierre Albarede <pa.n... at> wrote:
> On Sep 21, 8:03 am, "perda... at" <perda... at> wrote:
>  > But is it possible to run an X11 enabled Mathematica front end on Mac
> > OS X and thereby getting it to display remotely?
> Hi,
> the Mac front end actually runs on Aqua (Mac OS X graphical interface)
> not X11 (a Unix or Linux graphical interface).  However, as X11 is
> also part of Mac OS, it would make sense to make a Mac/X11 front end,
> but only Wolfram Reasearch can do that and they certainly have more
> important things to do.

I would guess that the front ends shares a lot of code. I recall to
have read that the front end on all platforms is buildt with the Qt
lib. So, it would make sense NOT to remove the X11 part from the Mac
OS X/Aqua front end. Still maybe they have, I just can't see why? I
just hoped for some way of telling the Mac OS X front end to use X11
rather than Aqua.

> Here we see a strong limitation of Mac OS X Aqua, as opposed to linux
> X11 : no Aqua application can run remotely (the Mac is indeed a
> personal computer).
> Would Mac OS X server help here ?
> However, you can
> - use screen sharing or

screen sharing is just such a waste of bandwidth when all I want is a
Notebook front end :-)

> - create a virtual linux machine on the Mac, install Mathematica for
> Linux and run it remotely with X11.

Hm, I wonder if my Mathematica license is tied to the Mac or whether
it could be installed on a linux box too -- whithout the two instances
running at the same time?
> X11 tunneling is performed with ssh -X or ssh -Y.  What about privacy
> of X11 ?

If you tunnel through ssh, you're safe. Also you tell X11 which hosts
can connect to it using the xhost command.
> I would really appreciate if this discussion was followed up by unix
> geeks !

What do you want to know?



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