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Re: Mathematica 8 Home Edition

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  • Subject: [mg116158] Re: Mathematica 8 Home Edition
  • From: Gary Wardall <gwardall at>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2011 05:33:52 -0500 (EST)
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On Feb 2, 5:07 am, Daniel Lichtblau <d... at> wrote:
> AES wrote:
> > In article <ii5rii$fi... at>,
> >  Murray Eisenberg <mur... at> wrote:
> >> So far as I am aware, for a given version number, e.g., 8.0.0, the
> >> regular (i.e., "Professional") edition = Home Edition = Student Edition
> >> with respect to features.
> >> The two aspects that _may_ differ are: (1) kind of support provided by
> >> Wolfram Research (beyond installation issues), and (2) whether some
> >> special identification of the edition appears on printed pages.
> > And, the legal restrictions that you (purportedly!) agree to, and even
> > commit others to, when you purchase and use the Home Edition.
> > Last time I looked at the fine print of these was several years ago, but
> > my reaction at that time was that they were as extensive as they were
> > dismaying as they were stupid as they were unenforceable.
> If you go to the order page,
> there is the following note
> "Mathematica Home Edition is a 32-bit program available for Windows
> (XP/Vista/7), Mac OS X (Intel), and Linux. It is not licensed for
> commercial, nonprofit, academic, or government use. For those who want
> to integrate Mathematica into their teaching, research, or work,
> Mathematica Professional is always available."
> There is a legalese version of this in the license agreement. In essence
> it spells out that the product is solely for personal use and NOT for
> commercial use. It is about as brief as the above; I'd show it, except I
> only have it in a scanned pdf and I cannot cut-paste the text.
> Is this the point of controversy? I ask because, for a product being
> discounted to around 15% of the professional price, these do not strike
> me as especially onerous conditions. In particular, I've yet to see the
> part about restrictions to which one would "commit others". Feel free to
> enlighten me.
> Daniel Lichtblau
> Wolfram Research

Thanks for the information. I have place my order and it should be
here soon. My concern was I might not be able to do the calculations
that I have been using with version 7, the home edition. I remember
when I ordered version 7, the home edition two years ago, it was
advertised that version 7, the home edition had the save mathematical/
statistical features as the "Big Boy" version. I'm very satisfied with
version 7, the home edition. I convinced I shall be also with
version , the home edition.

Thanks to all.

Gary Wardall

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