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Re: Mathematica 8 Home Edition

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  • Subject: [mg116234] Re: Mathematica 8 Home Edition
  • From: Daniel Lichtblau <danl at>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 05:04:04 -0500 (EST)

AES wrote:
>>> "Mathematica Home Edition is a 32-bit program available for Windows
>>> (XP/Vista/7), Mac OS X (Intel), and Linux. *** It is not licensed for
>>> commercial, nonprofit, academic, or government use. *** For those who want
>>> to integrate Mathematica into their teaching, research, or work,
>>> Mathematica Professional is always available."
> In other words, if one of your children does a Merit Badge or Charm 
> project for the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts using Mathematica and is  
> invited to present it at a local -- or maybe a national -- meeting of 
> those major nonprofit organizations, they need the Professional, not the 
> Home, version.

I cannot imagine how you came up with this interpretation. Or how it 
would be relevant, since scouts can get the even less expensive Student 
Version. Individuals at home can use HE, and can present the results of 
their work, provided that work is not professional or commercial in the 
usual senses of those terms.

If the Scouting regional offices, camps, etc. want to provide 
Mathematica to the scouts or use it for other purposes, that would be a 
different matter, and outside the license of the HE.

> If a teacher in one of your local public schools spends extra, unpaid 
> overtime at home evenings preparing some special project or display 
> using Mathematica to enrich one the academic classes they teach, and 
> takes it to school next day, they need the Professional version, not the 
> Home version they bought with their own funds.

For that there are Educational versions. Cost is significantly less than 
the Professional version.

Also see

> When I, as an emeritus (aka now unpaid) university faculty member, 
> continue to do significant research calculations in my home office, 
> using my own personal computer, and am then invited to come back over to 
> the university and present these results at one of their seminars (which 
> are in fact official academic classes), I need the Professional, not the 
> Home, edition in order to present or discuss any of Mathematica-derived 
> results, right?  [This is _not_ a hypothetical situation.]

No, you would need (at most) the Higher Education version. But I am not 
certain the HE does not apply, since you are retired. Also if your 
institution has a site license, you most likely have access as emeritus 

> Living on a university campus in a large empty-nester house, in 
> retirement, my wife and I have converted 2/3 of our house into 3 rental 
> studios which are rented to students or visiting Fellows.  I keep some 
> of the management and financial records for this income-earning (ergo, 
> "commercial") activity in Mathematica.  Clearly need the Professional 
> version, right?

I believe that is regarded as home use. If you go into real estate for 
other domiciles it would be a different matter.

> The number of silly situations resulting from the silly policy that's 
> officially stated above is near-infinite.

The HE license is not a silly policy. What you present are several weird 
misreadings of the wording.

The HE license is short and simple, and that is generally a good thing 
for a software license. I do not have the impression that you are 
raising issues in any serious way, or even in good faith. I do not 
intend to comment further on the HE license wording.

Daniel Lichtblau
Wolfram Research

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