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Re: To put name to columns

Labeling can be done like the following example fron the
"Applications" section of the Grid doc page:

data = {{"first", 1, 2, 3}, {"second", 11, 5, 6}, {"third", 111, 8,
    9}, {"fourth", 1111, 10, 11}};

Text@Grid[Prepend[data, {"name", "a", "b", "c"}],
  Background -> {None, {Lighter[Yellow, .9], {White,
      Lighter[Blend[{Blue, Green}], .8]}}},
  Dividers -> {{Darker[Gray, .6], {Lighter[Gray, .5]},
     Darker[Gray, .6]}, {Darker[Gray, .6], Darker[Gray, .6], {False},
     Darker[Gray, .6]}}, Alignment -> {{Left, Right, {Left}}},
  ItemSize -> {{10, 3, 5, 5}}, Frame -> Darker[Gray, .6],
  ItemStyle -> 14, Spacings -> {Automatic, .8}]

You see that Prepend is used to insert names in the grid. TableForm
has an option TableHeadings that can be used for this as well.

Assigning a symbolic name to each column can be done thus:

In[4]:= Mean[b]

Out[4]= 25/4

In[5]:= Sort[name]

Out[5]= {"first", "fourth", "second", "third"}

Cheers -- Sjoerd

On Feb 15, 12:34 pm, "Carlos J. Andr=E9s Blasco" <cjand... at>
> Please, how to put name to each column in a table with several columns, when you insert a grid?
> The idea is to manipulate these columns by means of their names, for example to find out the average, standard devaition, etc
> Thank you
> Carlos J,. Andres

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