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Re: weibull plot on weibull scaled paper

The distribution is just a straight line

dist = WeibullDistribution[7, 200];

llp = LogLogPlot[-Log[1 - CDF[dist, x]], {x, 70, 300},
  Frame -> True, Axes -> False]

For comparison

data = RandomVariate[dist, 300];

Show[llp, ProbabilityScalePlot[data, "Weibull"]]

Bob Hanlon

---- Frederick <fms at> wrote: 

Hi,  Is it possible to plot

Plot[Evaluate[CDF[WeibullDistribution[7, 200], x]], {x, 0, 300}]

using the classic weibull scaled paper, as available in

and, without having to plot and/or show data dots....

Looking for just a smooth plot of the known distribution on the
classic weibull scaled graph



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