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Re: NInegrate Bug

On 17 =D1=84=D0=B5=D0=B2, 15:20, "Kurt TeKolste" <tekol... at> wrote:
> Are the conditions under which the incorrect answer is returned known so
> that a practitioner can implement a workaround of the form
> fixedNintegrate[function_,bounds_]:=
> =C2  If[ conditions[function],
> =C2  NIntegrate[function[t]*Sign[t],bounds],NIntegrate[function[t],bounds]]
> and be confident that one's analysis is not scrogged?

At least in the case of NIntegrate[Sin[x^2], {x, -5, -2}] and similar
switching symbolic preprocessing off does the trick:

In[15]:= f[x_?NumericQ] := Sin[x^2]
NIntegrate[f[x], {x, -5, -2}]

Out[16]= -0.276859

In[6]:= NIntegrate[Sin[x^2], {x, -5, -2},
 Method -> {"SymbolicPreprocessing", "SymbolicProcessing" -> 0}]

Out[6]= -0.276859

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