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Re: how to ListPlot3D large data sets


In one attempt MaxPlotPoints did not help, but I was not persistent 
because I have to resolve other issues before I return to ListPlot3D.  
One issue is that I cannot pack data. On the big data set I verify that 
it is numeric array and still  I cannot get it packed. Here is an example:




MatrixQ[myPackedData, NumericQ]


What I am doing wrong?

On 7/25/2011 7:30 AM, Oliver Ruebenkoenig wrote:
> On Sat, 23 Jul 2011, Ted Sariyski wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I guess I am pushing the limits of ListPlot3D. I try to ListPlot3d a data
>> set with many millions of records. I was not able to get an image from the
>> full dataset, it takes forever. If I use e.g. every fifth record, although
>> slow, I get an image. The machine running Mathematica is Windows 7 (64 bit),
>> has 24 GB RAM and there was no swapping. I wonder what is considered as a
>> reasonable data size for ListPlot3D and are there other tools in Mathematica
>> for visualization of large data sets?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> --Ted
> Ted,
> is your data packed?
> Developer`PackedArrayQ[yourData]
> Oliver

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