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  • Subject: [mg119885] NSolve...
  • From: Math Math <mathematica023 at>
  • Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 07:33:49 -0400 (EDT)

Hi to everyone,
I've got another problem with NSolve.
If i try to solve this system:
confr2PR=-0.00013555094682336357*(-2528.68036936 - 13488.85542739007*b)
- 3*Subscript[V, c] == 0
confr3PR=-0.00013555094682336357*(-a + 2094.827407791039*b
+ 7377.300000000003*b^2) + 3*Subscript[V, c]^2 == 0
confr4PR=-0.00013555094682336357*b*(a - 433.8529615689614*b -
1265.7445726099324*b^2) -Subscript[V, c]^3 == 0
I've got no solutions.
This is the sintax that i'm using:
NSolve[confr2PR, confr3PR, confr4PR, {a, b, Subscript[V, c]}]
and i've this message:
NSolve::bddom: "Value {a,b,Subscript[V, c]} of the domain argument should be
Complexes, Reals, Algebraics, Rationals, Integers, Primes, or Automatic"
If i put
NSolve[confr2PR, confr3PR, confr4PR, {a, b, Subscript[V, c]},Reals]
i've got another error message
NSolve::precbd: Requested precision Reals is not a machine-sized real number
between $MinPrecision and $MaxPrecision. >>
Can anyone help me?
Thank you!

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