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Re: Suppressing quotes around strings in Input style.

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  • Subject: [mg122058] Re: Suppressing quotes around strings in Input style.
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  • Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 04:23:55 -0400 (EDT)
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Concerning the colors, you may use :
$PrePrint = (# /. x_String :> Style[x, Red] &)


"mmausr" <opngid at> a écrit dans le message de news: 
j6uffk$ggg$1 at
> Mathematica suppresses the quotes surrounding a string by default in
> the Output style.  Quotes surrounding strings in the Input style can
> be suppressed as well by setting the ShowStringCharacters option to
> False in the notebook's style sheet for the Input style.
> This approach is not entirely satisfactory, however, for the following
> reasons.  (i)  Entering a double quote in an Input style cell after
> setting the ShowStringCharacters flag to False will register an error
> in the front end.  (ii)  It would be helpful to retain the color
> change that is used for strings (gray by default) while the double
> quotes are suppressed, but this does not appear to be possible with
> the ShowStringCharacters flag set to False.  In fact, manually
> attempting to change the color of a string with the
> ShowStringCharacters flag set to false will also register an error in
> the front end.  (iii) Inserting a file path does does not work
> properly because of the explicit double quotes that surround the file
> path string; this appears to be a special case of (i).
> What would be useful is to have a special character that is invisible
> that functionally acts like the double quote.  Special characters
> already exist as invisible equivalents for the @ symbol for function
> application, the comma for argument separation, and the times operator
> for multiplication.  These invisible equivalents are respectively: \
> [InvisibleApplication] \[InvisibleComma] \[InvisibleTimes].
> It appears that the special character \:f3b5 somewhat plays the role
> of a non-existent \[InvisibleDoubleQuote] character, but its precise
> behavior depends on whether or not the ShowStringCharacters flag is
> set.  For example, if the flag is True, then a single \:f3b5 is
> invisible, but entering a second (matching) \:f3b5 will make the pair
> of double quotes visible.
> Defining the following syntax transformation in
> creates a pair of invisible double quotes:
> Item[KeyEvent["`",Modifiers->{Control}],
> FrontEndExecute[{FrontEnd`NotebookWrite[FrontEnd`InputNotebook[],"\:f3b5\
> [SelectionPlaceholder]
> \:f3b5"],FrontEndToken["MovePreviousPlaceHolder"]}]]
> Perhaps the color change could be defined in here, but I'm not sure
> how.  I'd also like to have the ability to insert double quotes for
> certain situations into a notebook with the ShowStringCharacters flag
> set to False, not just to insert file paths (that's easy to clean up
> by just deleting the surrounding quotes and copying the result between
> two \:f3b5 characters) but for strings that represent text messages.
> My primary interest in being able to remove quotes around certain
> strings is because I'd prefer to use strings as field names for
> structs in an OO package that I'm developing instead of using
> Protected symbols -- much for the same reason that many built-in
> functions are using strings for option names instead of symbols in
> later versions of Mathematica.
> Any thoughts?

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