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Re: How create new style sheet- Mathematica 8

But editing a style sheet is (mostly) already WYSIWIG. For example, from 
the Format menu select Edit Style Sheet. You'll see a style sheet that 
merely shows inheriting the style sheet Default.nb.

Select a style there from the drop-down menu and just edit it. For 
example, choose Text style. Click the cell-bracket for the cell "Local 
definition for style "Text" that now appears. Then use either the main 
menu's Format item, or use the Option Inspector, to change the Face to, 
say, Italic. Instantly you'll see the text inside that cell in the style 
sheet change to Italic.

On 9/15/11 4:41 AM, Armand Tamzarian wrote:
> ...It would be nice if some sort of wysiwyg stylesheet creator
> accompanied Mathematica that allowed easy stylesheet creation analogous to
> many of web stylesheet creators.

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