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Re: Where is ShowGraph?

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  • Subject: [mg125970] Re: Where is ShowGraph?
  • From: Murray Eisenberg <murray at>
  • Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 02:30:13 -0400 (EDT)
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First, you have the wrong syntax to obtain a Knight's tour graph. What 
you've obtained as result of


is not a single graph, but rather a list of all those Knight's Tour 
graphs that Mathematica has available. To get a particular one of these, 
use e.g.,

   GraphData[{"KnightsTour", {2, 5}}]

The output will be a visual representation of the graph.

Second, not all of the Combinatorica add-on package functionality has 
been subsumed by built-in (i.e., Kernel-implemented) functions. If you 
want to use, e.g., ShowGraph -- which is strictly a Combinatorica 
package function and not a built-in kernel function, you have to load 
the package. Thus:



Unfortunately, the Mathematica developers seem not to have completely 
ported over from Combinatorica to the kernel _all_ the functionality in 
the former. So at times we're left with this awkward combination of 
using both the newer kernel functions and the older Combinatorica 
functions. And that can lead to a lot of confusion, not least the 
General::compat message you get when you load Combinatorica.

On 4/9/12 5:32 AM, James Stein wrote:
> I assume Combinatorica comes preloaded with Mathematica 8, because my
> attempt to load Combinatorica gives an error message "Combinatorica Graph
> and Permutations functionality has been superseded by preloaded
> functionaliy[sic]."
> And indeed, so it seems, as this code works fine:
>     g = GraphData["KnightsTour"]
> resulting in an apparently sensible list structure for g.
> However, online documentation for Combinatorica describes a routine
> ShowGraph, giving this example:
>     ShowGraph[CompleteGraph[5]]
> But ShowGraph is not defined (apparently not preloaded). Indeed,
> 'ShowGraph' appears in blue text (undefined) in the aforementioned
> documentation page.
> I visited, as suggested by the documentation, without
> edification.
> What am I missing?  How do I display the graph 'g'?

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