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Re: How Expand?

On 24/08/2012 10:08, news wrote:
> Hi folks,
> How can I expand the following :
> [ 1 + cos(x) + i sin(x) ]^3
> to obtain;
> 8 cos(x/2)^3 [cos(3x/2)+ i sin(3x/2)]
> Thanks a lot.
> Max.
I addition to the comments of others, I would like to add, that if you 
simply want to check an identity, it is easier to use:

In[9]:= ( 1 + Cos[x] + I Sin[x] )^3==8 Cos[x/2]^3 (Cos[3x/2]+ I 

Out[9]= True

(I.e. simplifying the assertion that the LHS == RHS, comes back with True)

This works in many situations in which it is extremely hard to force 
Mathematica to come up with a desired transformation spontaneously.

David Bailey

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