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How to create links or bookmarks to jump to sections inside a notebook

I'm trying to make an interactive e-book in mathematica.

I know how to hyperlink to jump from one notebook to another, or to a helpfile in mathematica using 'hyperlink' symbol

but how do I make text click-able which will make it jump to a certain picture inside the nb.

So for example if I have a cell of text that has the text "Figure 1.1" somewhere in there, I need to be able to click the "Figure 1.1" text like a hyperlink to jump to the figure which is in the same lengthy notebook but in a different section. Is it possible?

If it is possible, how would I make a stylesheet that would automatically interlink textual "Figure X.X" with the actual picture (by tagging the picture), and then clicking the picture would jump back to the text?

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