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Extensive replacement of trigonometric functions

Hello to everybody.

I have this problem: I would like to replace in a long expression all 
the occurrences of:

Sin[\[Theta]_ + \[Pi]/6] and Sin[\[Theta]_ - \[Pi]/6]

with respectively:

-Cos[\[Theta] + (2 \[Pi])/3] and Cos[\[Theta] - (2 \[Pi])/3]

(which actually are the same thing).
Regretfully, the application of the rules:

Sin[\[Theta]_ + \[Pi]/6] -> -Cos[\[Theta] + (2 \[Pi])/3]
Sin[\[Theta]_ - \[Pi]/6] -> Cos[\[Theta] - (2 \[Pi])/3]

results in a flop, since sine functions stubbornly appear again!

Can you help me?

Thank you in advance


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