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Re: Memory Blowup Issues


I find the following function to be a useful way to extract information 
for memory management:

checkMemory[]:=Grid@Sort[{ByteCount[ToExpression[#]], HoldForm[#]} & 
/@ Names["Global`*"], (First[#1] > First[#2]) &]

This returns a list of symbols ranked by their ByteCount.  However, I am 
not sure if evaluating checkMemory causes a momentary doubling of memory 
for each evaluation of ByteCount=85.

I thought I would pass this along for anyone who might be hunting for 
such a thing=85

W Craig Carter
Professor of Materials Science, MIT

On Jun 6, , at Wed Jun 6, 12 @4:52 AM, David Bailey wrote:

> On 03/06/2012 10:03, Ralph Dratman wrote:
>> Kevin,
>> Thank you for passing along those tips. I usually put $HistoryLength=1
>> and also turn off "Enable Notebook History Tracking" in the
>> Preferences dialog -- though I'm not sure the latter makes any
>> difference.
>> I just want to re-emphasize how egregious I think the situation with
>> crashing really is. It is unacceptable. I hope everyone is making that
>> absolutely clear to WRI. How can we continue to recommend a program
>> which often crashes? It defies common sense.
> To be fair to WRI, I think the problem is that you have a very complex
> piece of software that is partly programmed by users. The kernel does
> put out a message if it runs out of memory, so it does detect the
> problem (at least under Windows!), but leaving the software in a well
> defined and useful state is another matter. The FrontEnd should remain
> running.
> It is also possible to run calculations using MemoryConstrained.
> Assuming the data you are reading in  is an array or real numbers (or of
> integers), you should check if Import returns a packed array, and pack
> it if necessary - this will save a lot of space.
> David Bailey

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