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how to make a list of rules with 2 other lists composed by different kinds of elements

Dear all,

I want to generate a list composed by rules. That is,

I have two list
First one:
list1={1, 2, 3}
The elements of this list are Integers.
Map[Head, list1] = {Integer, Integer, Integer}

Second one:
list2= {"file1", "file2", "file3"}
The elements of this list are Strings.
Map[Head, list2] = {String, String, String}

What I want is to have a new list like
list3= {1 -> "file1", 2 -> "file2", 3 -> "file3"}
Map[Head, list3] = {Rule, Rule, Rule}

Yes, of cause I can generate a list of rule manually. But what I have are
two big list of many elements and they are the output of other codes. So,
in real life this would be a part of big program. That is why I want to
generate the rule list automatically from list1 and list2. How could I do
this in a simple way? Thank you for your help.

Best regards,

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