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Plotting a simple line at a weibull ProbabilityScalePlot


I got a big problem with my ProbabilityScalePlot. I want to plot a
simple, horizontal line in my diagramm. This diagramm shows a weibull
plot. In this weibull plot are shown three different weibull
distribution functions.

At the value of 63.21% on the y-axis, i want to plot this simple
horizontal line. This line symbolize the characteristic lifetime of a
component. I don't get it.

Please help me, i need this plot for my master thesis.

The code for the plot is called:

data1 = RandomVariate[WeibullDistribution[1, 1], 100];
data2 = RandomVariate[WeibullDistribution[1, 10], 100];
data3 = RandomVariate[WeibullDistribution[1, 2], 100];

ProbabilityScalePlot[{data1, data2, data3}, "Weibull",
 PlotRange -> Automatic, GridLines -> Automatic,
 GridLinesStyle -> "Classic",
 FrameLabel -> {{Style["Ausfallwahrscheinlichkeit F(t) in %", Italic,
     FontSize -> 12],
    ""}, {Style["Lebensdauer", Italic, FontSize -> 12], ""}},
 Frame -> True]

P.S. My english isn't so good, but i hope you understand me.

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