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Re: 3D ViewPoint Selector (V5.2) in higher Mathematica versions ?

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  • Subject: [mg130355] Re: 3D ViewPoint Selector (V5.2) in higher Mathematica versions ?
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  • Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2013 22:30:35 -0400 (EDT)
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> in Mathematica V 5.2 there was a useful graphics tool being envoked by Menu >
> Input > *3D ViewPoint Selector*. With this interactive palette/notebook one
> could easily determine the Cartesian or Spherical coordinates (i.e. {theta, phi,
> r} resp. {x,y,} ) of a wireframe cube and then paste these values for the
> optimized view of the rotated cube into another Mathematica graphics.
> Unfortunately this tool became obsolete from version 6.0. on (which is mainly
> due to the fact that 3D graphics can be manipulated interactively in higher
> Mathematica versions.) Nevertheless, in order to determine the optimum viewpoint
> coordinates I sometimes miss this tool. And I just searched in the installation
> tree structure of Mathematica V5.2 (and higher versions too) for a notebook
> resp. palette with the name 3DViewPointSelector (or similar) but could not find
> this tool even in V5.2. Of course, one could write a litte application with
> Manipulate for rotating a wireframe cube and read out the viewpoint coordinates.
> But if this tool already exists why do additional efforts...
> Does anyone know where to look for this nice graphics tool which (if available)
> would certainly be applicable in other Mathematica versions too. Help would be
> appreciated.

There are many different ways how this could be realized with newer 
versions. Here is a palette that copies the ViewPoint of the currently 
selected Graphics3D to the clipboard:

CreatePalette[Button["Copy Viewpoint",
    Cases[NotebookRead[SelectedNotebook[]], _[
      ViewPoint, _], \[Infinity]],
    {v : (ViewPoint -> _)} :> CopyToClipboard[v]

  If nothing is selected or the selection is not a Graphics3D (or 
contains exactly one of those) it won't change the clipboard content...



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