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Testing a random integer generator

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  • Subject: [mg130387] Testing a random integer generator
  • From: Clif McInnis <c_mcinnis at>
  • Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2013 21:53:46 -0400 (EDT)
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I am trying to test the random integer generator in a program to make sure 
that it gives the type of output that I am looking for. I expect it to generate (p<>q)<10 slightly less than 1/8 of the time and (p=q)<10 slightly more than 1/8 of the time, 9<(p<>q)<20 slightly less than 3/8 of the time, and 9<(p=q)<20 slightly more than 3/8 of the time. Regardless of my expectations I would like to see how the numbers actually come out, and to that end was attempting to test the test the code, but I can not get it to generate (print) any numbers. I am sure that I have made an error somewhere in the code, but I can not find it and am not getting any error messages. Thank you for any and all help.

Clif McInnis

Initialization :> ({x = 0, p = 0, q = 0})
While[x < 100, {
  Clear[p, q],
  q = RandomInteger[{1, 4}], If[q < 4,
   {p = RandomInteger[{10, 20}],
    q = RandomInteger[],
    If[q == 1, q = p, q = RandomInteger[{10, 20}]]}, {p = RandomInteger[{1, 9}],
    q = RandomInteger[],
    If[q == 1, q = p, q = RandomInteger[{1, 9}]]}], Print[p],
  Print[q]}; x++]

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