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Re: Ingolf Dahl's "SetFaceAndFont" palette broken in Mathematica

Thanks! I'm reporting this as a bug to support at

On Feb 19, 2013, at 6:53 PM, awnl <awnl at> wrote:

> Am 19.02.2013 07:09, schrieb Murray Eisenberg:
>> This refers to Ingolf Dahl's palette SetFaceAndFont -- see:
>> I've been using it for some years as the quickest way to apply various
>> formatting to selected text. E.g., in a Text cell select a Mathematica
>> name and click the palette's button that changes the font to Courier. Or
>> select some text and change its font to Times Italic. Or change the
>> background color for the selection to a light yellow.
>> But with Mathematica 9 (or at least 9.0.1), clicking one of the
>> palette's buttons now applies the effect to the entire cell -- not just
>> to the selection.
>> Has anybody else experienced this? What might be the reason for the
>> change in behavior and how might it be fixed?
> I think this is a bug/inconsistancy of version 9. The following
> simplification shows the problem:
> Button["Courier12",
>   SetOptions[NotebookSelection[InputNotebook[]], FontSlant -> "Plain",
>     FontFamily -> "Courier", FontWeight -> "Plain", FontSize -> 12],
>   Evaluator -> None
>   ] // CreatePalette
> pressing the button with a selection in another notebook behaves
> different in version 9 to previous versions, and I think the
> version-9-behavior is wrong. I don't have an idea how to fix this, though...
> hth,
> albert

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