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Interactive TeX/Mathematica documents

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: Interactive TeX/Mathematica documents
  • From: dan at (Dan Dill)
  • Date: Mon, 18 Feb 91 21:41:44 -0500

I have written a set of tools to help in the interactive preparation of
TeX/LaTeX documents containing Mathematica input and output, including
graphics (using Trevor Darrell's psfig/tex).  The tools consist of GNU Emacs
functions to exchange information between TeX/LaTeX documents in one buffer
and Mathematica running in another buffer in David Jacobson's Mathematica
mode, and TeX macros and LaTeX .sty files to format Mathematica text and to
include Mathematica graphics.

The tools are available from Internet host ( by
anonymous ftp in directory /pub/tex-mma.  The file README there describes
what to do.

If you encounter problems, just let me know.  If the tools turn out to be
useful to you, let me know so I can keep you informed of changes.

Dan Dill
dan at

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