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Loading plots into Framemaker

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: Loading plots into Framemaker
  • From: Andrew C. Athan <ta-aca at>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Feb 91 17:57:04 EST

   Date: Thu, 14 Feb 91 13:42:46 CST
   From: steve at (Steve Glicker)

   I've created some post-script files from Mathematica which I'm trying
   to read ("import") into Framemaker on a Sun 3/80.  Framemaker treats
   these files as text files instead of post-script files, so I am not
   able to display the plots in my document.  Does anyone know if and how
   this should work?


Here's some info I saved from a while back:

FrameMaker will treat any EPS files as images and will directly image
them for you.  However raw PS files are treated as text.  To image them,
what you have to do is the following:

1. Get the graphics pallet up (third from the top of the four buttons
locted in the upper left hand corner of the document window -- looks
like a 45-45 ruler).

2. Make a new text frame -- locate the "Frame" button, immediatly above
it and to the left is a button that has a rectangle with some lines in
it -- that's the text frame button.  Oh, and make sure you have a
flashing cursor inside your new text frame.

3. Import the PS file into the newly created text frame.  Since the new
text frame does not have any "flow" tag associated to it, text will not
flow onto another page (this is why we didn't use the existing text frame).

4. Now, go to the Format Menu and bring up the Flow panel.  One of the 
switches in the upper half of that panel will say something like
"autoconnect postscript code"  -- You'll know what I mean when you get
there.  Anyway, make sure that switch is checked and then click on OK.

5. FrameMaker will now image the postscrip code inside the text frame. 
The text frame is now a graphics frame that you can scale (dragging on
the handles around it will only crop it...) via the scale function in
the Graphics menu.

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