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Re: Using mathremote(1)

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  • Subject: Re: Using mathremote(1)
  • From: ags at (Dave Seaman)
  • Date: Wed, 06 Mar 91 17:27:47 -0800

	Could some kind (and knowledgeable) soul tell me how to use the	
	mathremote(1) remote kernel of Mathematica? I've looked around all
	over the place, and can't seem to find any docs on the usage.
	The Mathematica here is running on a Sun4 w/ SunOS 4.1 .
	In short, I'd appreciate a short tutorial on how to use mathremote(1).

In order to use mathremote(1), you must have a mathematica front end running 
on another machine.  The exact method that you use to establish the connection
is machine-dependent, and probably is explained in your mathematica manuals for
the other machine.  For example, if you are using a Macintosh front end to run
a remote kernel on another machine, I believe there is a "kernels" pull-down
menu (perhaps it's a submenu under something else) which contains such choices
as "start local kernel", "start remote kernel", etc.  You can open a
communications window within the mathematica front end to establish your
connection with the remote machine, then select "start remote kernel", and from
then on you can behave (almost) as if you were running mathematica locally.
You don't actually type the "mathremote" command, since the front end processor
does this for you.

On a different front end, of course, the procedure may differ.

Dave Seaman

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