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MMA 2.1 on HP9000 and HP 700/X X-terminals

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: MMA 2.1 on HP9000 and HP 700/X X-terminals
  • From: harrison at (David Harrison)
  • Date: Wed, 14 Oct 92 11:52:24 -0400

I am having some trouble with the interaction between Mathematica 2.1
on an HP 9000/750 and a HP 700/X X-terminal.  In a nutshell, all graphics
commands cause the X-terminal to crash.  Example:

	Mathematica 2.1 for HP 9000 RISC
	Copyright 1988-92 Wolfram Research, Inc.
	 -- Motif graphics initialized --

	 In[1]:=  Plot[ Sin[x], {x,0,Pi}]

	 Out[1]= -Graphics-


At this point, after about 10 seconds the X-terminal totally locks
up and I have to power-cycle it.  I see no sign of a graphics 
window trying to appear.  When I rlogin back in to the HP9000,
I find a 'motifps' process using 'ps' with about 5 seconds of cpu

Perhaps it is relevant to know that although the server code for
the X-terminal and its fonts are loaded from the HP9000, the xdm
session is initiated from a Sun 4/280.  So the Mathematica session
above was started after a rlogin to the HP.

An NCD 17C X-terminal under the same circumstances (except the
server code and fonts are tftp'ed from the Sun) works flawlessly.
So does an NCD 17C running Xremote software over a serial line.

Also, I have experienced no graphics problems (ie: xv, vuehelp, 
architect, etc.) running the HP X-terminal this way until now.
That includes graphics from Mathematica 2.0 running on Sun.

I can't find any error logs on either the Sun or the HP9000 about
the problem, and re-booting the HP X-terminal blows away its
internal log files.

Some further configuration information:
	Sun: 4/280S running SunOS 4.1.1 and X11R4 through patch 18.
	HP9000: Model 750 running HP-UX 8.07, with the HP supplied
		X libraries.
	HP X-terminal: Running server code C2708A, Release B.03.01.

In addition, the file /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/Motifps installed on
the HP9000 by Mathematica has been copied onto the Sun.
David Harrison                             | "We place no reliance on virgin
Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Toronto         |    or pigeon.  Our method is
Inet: harrison at |    science, our aim is religion"
                                           |      -- Aleister Crowley

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