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Re: MMA 2.1 on HP9000 and HP 700/X X-terminals

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  • Subject: Re: MMA 2.1 on HP9000 and HP 700/X X-terminals
  • From: jacobson at
  • Date: Thu, 15 Oct 92 09:13:30 -0700

David Harrison writes:

> I am having some trouble with the interaction between Mathematica 2.1
> on an HP 9000/750 and a HP 700/X X-terminal.  In a nutshell, all graphics
> commands cause the X-terminal to crash.  Example:
> 	Mathematica 2.1 for HP 9000 RISC
> 	Copyright 1988-92 Wolfram Research, Inc.
> 	 -- Motif graphics initialized --
> 	 In[1]:=  Plot[ Sin[x], {x,0,Pi}]
> 	 Out[1]= -Graphics-
> 	 In[2]:=
> At this point, after about 10 seconds the X-terminal totally locks
> up and I have to power-cycle it.  I see no sign of a graphics 
> window trying to appear.  When I rlogin back in to the HP9000,
> I find a 'motifps' process using 'ps' with about 5 seconds of cpu
> consumed.

> [[Lots more details deleted.]]

We experienced a similar problem here at HP Labs.  We are running
Mathematica 2.1 on an HP 9000/870, which is basically a snakes machine
(9000/700 series) set up to be a timesharing machine.  When we
installed 2.1 it came only with the Motif window manager stuff (if I
recall correctly).  That seems to run okay, aliet a bit slow, when I use my
personal workstation, an HP 9000/834 as an X server, but some of our
users were using HP 9000/RX X terminals.  (I don't know the exact
model or configuration.)  With that sytems it just ground to a halt.
A relatively simply plot would lock everything up for over a half hour!

It turned out that from on older version of Mathematica or from having
been a beta test site or something, we had the old X11 files around,
and I discovered that with those installed everything works perfectly.

If you have the .../StartUp/X11.m and
.../Bin.HP9000S[78]00/Display/x11ps files around, then you can fix the
problem.  If you can't find them somewhere then bug WRI to give them
to you.  (Of course, I am not actually advocating violating your
license agreement or copyright laws.  If in doubt, consult WRI or your
legal advisor.)

Your init.m file probably contains something like this:

    $Remote,                             <<"PSDirect.m",
    Environment["DISPLAY"] =!= $Failed,  <<"Motif.m",
    True,                                <<"Terminal.m"

Change it to this:

    $Remote,                            <<"PSDirect.m",
    Environment["DISPLAY"] =!= $Failed, <<"X11.m",
    True,                               <<"Terminal.m"

When we made this change, everything worked perfectly, and the
graphics had the "Out[23]" type labels, which we missed under motif.

  -- David Jacobson

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