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Reading MATLAB *.MAT files into Mathematica and vice versa

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  • Subject: Reading MATLAB *.MAT files into Mathematica and vice versa
  • From: mek at (Mark E. Kotanchek)
  • Date: Sun, 29 Aug 93 20:02:34 -0400


I also posted this to the USENET so I'll apologize for the extra copies some of  
you will see. Anyhow,.....

I have approximately 230 MB of MATLAB *.MAT files residing on my NeXTstation  
which I need to use to test out some signal processing concepts. (The always  
anxiety provoking real-world data test!) The problem is that MATLAB isn't  
available for the NeXT (despite my pleas) and my Powerbook 170 which I use for  
MATLAB only has about 20 MB free on it. Since I exploit a summary statistic, I  
was hoping I could read the data into Mathematica, let it crunch the data down  
to a reasonable size, write out a *.MAT file, and let the Mac do its thing.  
(Eventually I'll get around to porting my algorithms over to Mma; however,  
MATLAB is better for algorithm development and the port will take some time.)

Anyhow, I was hoping that someone had some advice (actually, functions ;) on  
this file translation problem. I checked mathsource at but came up empty. 

Failing that, I guess I'll have to break down and write some C-code so any  
experiences along those lines would be appreciated since the users guide  
documentation for my Mac MATLAB 3.5 is a little on the sparse side. I'd prefer  
to use Mma rather than C since I need to tweak some parameters in the  
compression process and I can make some of the decisions based upon graphical  
results. Thus, even if I adopt the C approach, I'll have to read the results  
into Mma as well as Mathematica.

Thanks much,

Mark Kotanchek
Guidance & Control Dept - 363 ASB
Applied Research Lab/Penn State
P.O. Box 30
State College, PA 16804

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