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MeshStyles in ParametricPlot3D???

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: MeshStyles in ParametricPlot3D???
  • From: mlw13 at (M.L. Woodley)
  • Date: Mon, 5 Jul 1993 12:38:28 +0100 (BST)

I don't subscribe to this list so please email me direct if you can answer this...
The following works and produces a cylinder whose polygon edges are red:

{0.84 Cos[t], u, 0.84 Sin[t], EdgeForm[RGBColor[1,0,0]]},
PlotRange -> {{-1,1},{0,3},{-1,1}},
PlotPoints -> {32,32},
Shading -> False, ... (etc)...]

But this elicits a message about different colours being generated in the plot and renders a cylinder with black polygon edges at the default Thickness[]:

{0.84 Cos[t], u, 0.84 Sin[t], EdgeForm[Thickness[0.0001]]},
PlotRange -> {{-1,1},{0,3},{-1,1}},
PlotPoints -> {32,32},
Shading -> False, ...(etc)...]

If this is the wrong approach, how does one set the style of the "mesh" in a parametricPlot3D of a surface?

Thanks in advance

	Michael Woodley

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