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Sup/superscripts in Plots

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  • Subject: Sup/superscripts in Plots
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  • Date: Mon, 6 Jun 94 14:12:45 EDT

I'm passing along a message posted on USENET (sci.math.symbolic) which seems 
to answer the sub/superscript question:

From: bob at (Robert Zimmerman)
Newsgroups: sci.math.symbolic
Subject: Re: Greek letters in axis labels in M-ma?
Date: 3 Jun 1994 23:57:21 GMT
Organization: University of Oregon Network Services
Lines: 19
Message-ID: <2sog11$3on at>

In sci.math.symbolic article <94153.203313U62225 at> you wrote:
> Is it possible to use Greek letters to label axis in Mathematica plots?
> What about sub/superscripts?  

SORRY, forgot to answer sub/superscripts question:


Plot[Sin[t],{t ,0,2 Pi},
      AxesLabel  ->
        {FontForm[ "y"Superscript["t"] ,  {"Bold",20}],
         FontForm["x"Subscript["t"],{"Bold",20}] }  ]

Another Interesting POSSIBLE SOLUTION (Works on NeXT)

 Plot[Sin[t],{t ,0,2 Pi},
      AxesLabel  ->
         {FontForm[ OutputForm[    y^t ],  {"Bold",20}],
          FontForm[ OutputForm[ Exp[x] ],  {"Bold",20}]    }  ]

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