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aborting; fattened 3D parametric plots

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  • Subject: [mg8392] aborting; fattened 3D parametric plots
  • From: Gordon Kindlmann <gordon at>
  • Date: Tue, 26 Aug 1997 20:41:32 -0400
  • Organization: Cornell University
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I'm a happy user of Mma 2.2 for X windows.  

I wrote a simple module for doing 3D parametric plots whereby the
plot path is represented by a curved cylinder of some radius,
instead of just a one-dimensional curve.  In its current form, it
takes as an arguments the function I'm interested in (mapping R
to R^3), the radius, and two parameters for the two dimensions of
the curved cylinder's surface.  The values for these two
parameters are supplied by ParametricPlot3D.

The whole thing works nicely for simple functions (a helix), but
the thing mysteriously barfs on the function that I really care
about, even though the funtion nice and smooth (all derivatives
exist and are continuous).  I tried a TraceDialog[] to watch
where things are going wrong, and I've convinced myself that my
module needs re-writing.  Having decided that, I want to end the
dialog that I'm in.

Return[] merely steps me through one more expression evaluation.
Abort[] has no effect, since in the context of a dialog it
doesn't really apply to anything.  Exit[], of course, kills
everything.  Command-. does nothing.  I do Stack[] and see that
I'm 6 levels deep in evaluations.  I want to say, "okay, stop
now", end the dialog, stop the calculation, clear the stack, but
maintain the other state that I've built up during the session.


Of course, the irony is that right now I'm wearing a Mathematica
T-shirt, one that accompanied version 2 release, showing a knot
of some sort, with exactly the sort of curved cylinder style
parametric plot I'm aiming for.

Is there a module publicly available that does what I want?  I
looked briefly in MathSource, perhaps I overlooked it?

Thanks very much,

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