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Comparison of Mathematica on Various Computers

 ''Comparison of Mathematica on Various Computers'' is now on <a
href=""> (or <a

If you don't have access to the Web send e-mail to for the latest version.

Mathematica 2.2 benchmark on Mathematica 3.0
benchmark on

 New results Mathematica 3.0:
PowerMac 7500/250 , 80 MB, 1MB L2 cache, Mac OS 8.1
 PowerMac G3/233, 80 MB, Mac OS 8.1
 PowerMacintosh 4400/200, 32MB, 256kb cache, MacOS 7.5.3
 DEC Alpha 21164, 500MHz, 256MB, 1MB cache, Digital UNIX 4.0a
 Digital Personal Workstation, Alpha 500MHz, 256MB ECC SDRAM, Digital
Unix 4.0

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