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Re: Re: Assuming n is even

Paul Abbott wrote:
> Rod Pinna wrote:
> > Hopefully this isn't a FAQ.
> >
> > Is it possible to get Mathematica (3.0) to assume that n is an even
> > number for  an indefinite integral?
> Good to see a posting from the University of Western Australia!  It is a
> FAQ but the answer is, briefly, no.  A recent and related question was:
> >I want to make an assignment T = k/omega and somehow cause Mathematica
> >to know that k is an integer.  How do I do this?
> In my opinion, the best way to is using pattern-matching and replacement
> rules (see The Mathematica Journal 2(4): 31).  E.g., for n integral, we
> have
>         {Cos[(n_)*Pi] -> (-1)^n, Sin[(n_)*Pi] -> 0};
> Please post your integral so that perhaps readers can make other
> suggestions.
> Cheers,
>         Paul

Another possibility is to use the Assumptions option in the Integrate
command.  I have not experimented with it, but there may be a way. -- 
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