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Re: Assuming n is even

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  • Subject: [mg10327] Re: Assuming n is even
  • From: (Rod Pinna)
  • Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 23:40:50 -0500
  • Organization: UWA
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 Paul Abbott <> wrote:

>Good to see a posting from the University of Western Australia!  It is a
>FAQ but the answer is, briefly, no.  A recent and related question was:

Just trying to keep busy over the break....

Thanks for the responses

>In my opinion, the best way to is using pattern-matching and replacement
>rules (see The Mathematica Journal 2(4): 31).  E.g., for n integral, we
>        {Cos[(n_)*Pi] -> (-1)^n, Sin[(n_)*Pi] -> 0}; 
>Please post your integral so that perhaps readers can make other

The above integral is pretty close to what I'm looking at actually. 

Say I have


Then with


The integral is

\!\(V12 = 
        \(\[Integral]\_0\%\(2*\[Pi]\)Et1\^2\ \[DifferentialD]t 

(Apologies for the rather horrid formatting above)

i.e.  Integrate[Integrate[Et^2,{x,0,L}],{t,0,2*pi}]

And a few integrals of that type. Some of the results given then have 
cosine terms which are equivalent.

I've used ReplaceAll to replace one with the other. If there isn't a 
better way, that should be ok.

Thanks for the help.


Rod Pinna
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