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Re: 3.0 Typsetting Issues

Selwyn Hollis wrote:
> I'd appreciate whatever help or suggestions anyone can give on the
> following two problems:
> 1) For some reason, on-screen line breaks (in text and input cells)
> occur about 1/4 inch before the right margin. However, when printed,
> the margins are as they should be. The huge annoyance caused by this is
> that on-screen page breaks are nearly meaningless! Getting good page
> breaks by trial and error is a real pain. (I use a Mac with OS 8. Could
> this be related to other known issues with the Appearance extension?)

Are you viewing the notebook onscreen in the Printing Environment or
with Show Page Breaks turned on (as you may know, if you don't have one
of these turned on, line breaks and other stuff you see on the screen
have little relevance to what gets printed). Assuming that you're
interpreting everything you see on the screen correctly, I'm not
immediately aware of any problems here (not to say that there
aren't...just that I don't know of them).  Maybe tech support would be
able to help.  However, I think I can be a little more helpful for your
second problem.

> 2) Is it possible to change the default line-spacing multiplier option
> for input cells to, say, 1.1, rather than 1.25? Nothing I've tried
> seems to stick.

You can change this in the style sheet.  Edit the style sheet and choose
the style for StandardForm (which is under the heading "FormatType
styles").  Then bring up the option inspector and modify the
LineSpacing option for the selection.  This, of course, assumes that
your Input cells are in StandardForm (which they are by default)...if
they're in InputForm or TraditionalForm, then you would have to modify
those styles instead.

John Fultz
Front End Group
Wolfram Research, Inc.

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