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Automatic indexing of modules

I've been prototyping and documenting a commercial software product in
Mathematica for almost two years. The prototype has grown to hundreds
of modules spread over about a dozen notebooks. Despite my notebooks'
impeccable organization (^_^), the principal client would like a faster
way to locate a specific module in the notebooks, given the name of the
module. (Now that he is accustomed to v3's typesetting and
StandardForm, the yield in InputForm of "??" doesn't satisfy him.
Besides, surrounding the actual source code are theoretical
developments, explanations, module tests, etc.) So he has asked for a
hyperlink index of all modules.

I suppose that programming the kernal to prepare an hyperlink index of
all modules defined within Initialization Cells would be
straightforward, although a neat job might take some time. A quick look
in MathSource yielded me nothing. Has anyone reading this group done a
similar task or know of anything relevant--perhaps on MathSource,
despite what I just alledged?

If not, suppose that I do the work.  Would anyone be interested in the


Thomas E. Burton              353 Sanford Road Brahea Consulting        
Encinitas CA 92024-1508               760/436-7436

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