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Re: ListPlot

> Hello to everybody.
>  When I use ListPlot with the option PlotJoined->True everything is
> O.K.,but.....if I put only PlotJoined, then the output is a completely
> empty reference frame.
>  Luis

In some versions of Mathematica (the 2.2 Windows version is the only one
I know for sure that does this, maybe others, too), the default plot
size shows points too small to be on the screen.

Two solutions to is to just resize the plot to make it
larger...when you do, the points will get larger, too, and should show
up.  You could set the default plot size to be you do this
depends upon what version of Mathematica you have (if you're curious,
send me email telling me what you have).

The other solution is to make the plotting command make the points
larger.  For example:

ListPlot[Range[10], PlotStyle->{PointSize[.02]}]


John Fultz
Front End Group
Wolfram Research, Inc.

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