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Re: ListPlot

Luis Martínez wrote:
> Hello to everybody.
>  When I use ListPlot with the option PlotJoined->True everything is
> O.K.,but.....if I put only PlotJoined, then the output is a completely
> empty reference frame.
>  Luis

I don't understand what the surprise is or what help you want.  When you
input correct syntax PlotJoined->True, you get correct output.  When
you use incorrect syntax, you don't get anything.  What exactly is the
problem with that? 

If you don't want the points to be connected, use PlotJoined->False.  If
you want mathematica to decide for you, then either leave the option
out altogether(in which case mathematica uses its default setting) or
use PlotJoined->Automatic.
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