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Re: Animation in selfmade front end

> Hi. I'm developing custom front end using VB 5.0 and mathlink on a Win
> 95 platform.
>     I need some pointers how to implement the Animate function from the
> Graphics'Animation' package.
> In particular I need some info about implementation of the PostScript
> rendering engine in the original FE that I can use in my FE.
>     I was thinking about saving the frames using the Display function in
> a .wmf format, and then constructing picture control array in VB and
> manually cycling them rapidly. Is there any better way to do this ?
>     Tnx. in advance,
>     Vlado Handziski
>     Electrotechnical faculty - Skopje

This is, by far, the easiest solution for developers to implement... at
least the bit about getting WMF using Display[].  I don't know enough
about VB to know what the best method of animating WMF's, but you may
get slightly better animation performance if you turn the WMF's into

If you just happen to have access to some type of PostScript rendering
module, it wouldn't be terribly difficult to turn Mathematica
PostScript into something you could render, but you'd be doing
basically the same thing that Display[] does for you.


John Fultz
Front End Group
Wolfram Research, Inc.

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