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Re: How to learn formatting options wrote:
: mike johnson wrote:
: > 
: > I have invested enough time in learning and applying Mathematica
: > programming (Dave Wagner's book "Power Programming with Mathematica:
: > THE KERNEL" was the final AhhHah! for me) that I would now like to
: > understand better the front end notebook interface ... for Version 3.
: -- 
: With all the whining I and others have done over the mathuser group, you
: would think that Wolfram or some third party would have written a front
: end manual.... If anyone out there has figured out the 3.0 front end,
: PLEASE WRITE A BOOK AND SELL IT TO US.  I promise I will be first in
: line to buy one.

I promise I'll fight to be the first in line to buy a (good) book on the
3.0 front end!

I'd sure like to see one written by David Wagner.  His book on the
kernel is VERY good (for me it is the best, except possibly on matters
surrounding authoring packages, on which Maeder is superb, and
specialized issues about graphics).  Moroever, Wagner has posted some
very useful tips about the 3.0 front end -- see  So perhaps we have an author in the

Now we need a publisher!

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