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Re: Is there a 3.01 student version?

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  • Subject: [mg10555] Re: Is there a 3.01 student version?
  • From: (Robert L. McCormick)
  • Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 16:53:59 -0500
  • Organization: posted via:, Dallas, TX (214) 343-3333/(817) 461-8484 for info
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I have mathematica 3.0.1 for Students.  Don't know if there is an
upgrade available or if you'd jave to buy a new one...why not call the
sales dept. I think the number is on Wolfram's web site.  

Anyway, if I remember correctly, 3.0.1 was supposed to be much faster at
some calculations.  I think they gave examples on the site

This may be a stupid question but, are you sure that you have 3.0? For
instance on the front of my box it says "Version 3.0" yet it is
actually 3.0.1 according to the sticker on the bottom of the box.

I'm also running Win 95.

On 16 Jan 1998 05:05:31 -0500, "John P" <> wrote:

>I have the student version of 3.00 right now and I was considering an
>upgrade to 3.01 (if there is one for students).  Does anyone know if
>there is version 3.01 for students?  If so, what are the advantages of
>3.01 over 3.00.  (I'm running Win95).  Thanks in advance.

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