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Re: Symbolize and Notation

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  • Subject: [mg21382] Re: [mg21361] Symbolize and Notation
  • From: Jason Harris <j.harris at>
  • Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999 21:30:15 -0500 (EST)
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>	Can someone explain why Symbolize and Notation are incompatible? 
>	For example:  I want to use Notation so that terms like
>E_subcript_x[x,y,z] display as E_subcript_x only.  Using Notation as follows
>	Notations[E_subscript_x <---E_subscript_x[x,y,z]]    I can
>accomplish this.
>	However, suppose that I also want to define things like E =
>{E_subcript_x[x,y,z],E_subcript_y[x,y,z],E_subcript_z[x,y,z]} then I have to
>	Symbolize[E_].    What happens then, however, is that the Notations
>definition I made up no longer works, i.e. the output becomes
>	E_subscript_x[x,y,z] for example instead of E_subscript_x.
>	Why are the 2 incompatible?

The symbolize definition needs to be declared first since it uses a 
new symbol if there is a pre-existing similar symbol.  Thus, it takes 

>Or am I doing something wrong?   I've
>also upgraded to the most recent Notations Utility.

Just glanced in at my email...  The answer is a bit tricky.  I'll 
respond to this fully within a week...


(I just looked at this really quickly). You might want to use a 
hidden box structure or something e.g.

     RowBox[{"Notation", "[",
             SubscriptBox["E", "x"],
             E\[UnderBracket]Subscript\[UnderBracket]x[ x, y, z]],
           TagStyle->"NotationTemplateStyle"], " ", "\[DoubleLongLeftArrow]",
         " ",
           RowBox[{"E\[UnderBracket]Subscript\[UnderBracket]x", "[",
             RowBox[{"x", ",", "y", ",", "z"}], "]"}],
           TagStyle->"NotationTemplateStyle"]}], "]"}]], "Input",

There are better solutions though. More later.

Happy new year everyone!



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