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NotebookSave[] Bugs

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  • Subject: [mg20268] NotebookSave[] Bugs
  • From: Murphy <werner.schuster at>
  • Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 01:27:27 -0400
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yo MathGroup,

I have a serious problem with the NotebookSave[] Functions;
I am using Mathematica 3.0;

Anytime I call them, I get a "Why the beep", telling me that there was some 
problem with the Notebook & that I should close the file & open it using 
the function seems to destroy the notebook, cause some cells turn white, 
like they were not there;
it even crashes mathematica completely (I have to kill it via Taskmanager)

this behaviour is reproducable and not only appearing on my Mathematica 
installation, because I have already sent the following code to a 
mathematica expert, he ran the code and told me tha he had'nt seen anything 
like it before;
	NotebookSave[nb, "MurphyABC"];
	nb1 = NotebookOpen["MurphyABC"];
	NotebookFind[nb1,"CellTagName", All, CellTags];
the problem is that Mathematica only gets til the NotebookSave[] functions, 
and the shows the behaviour I described above;

what I want to do with the code is to:
- somehow produce a copy of a notebook
- find all cells with a certain cell-tag in the copy
- delete all the cells with the cell-tag

a previous attempt was to get the copy using this code:
NotebookFind[nb1,"CellTagName", All, CellTags];

the notebook to copy is about 900 KB;
the problem with this code is that it takes about 126 seconds on my PC (100 
MHZ, 24 MB RAM, NT4.0);
even on a 200 MHZ Pentium with 64 MB RAM, this code still takes 25 seconds, 
which is still way too slow;
the bottle neck is the NotebookGet/-Put functions; the finding & deleting 
of the cells takes (on my PC) about 4 seconds;

my questions are:

-	does anybody know a way to copy a notebook in memory (like 	with 
- 	does anybody know a workaround for the NotebookSave bugs?

I hope you understand the babbling above and can help me;
Thanx in advance

Check this out ->
My site ->
... and the fact, that i haven't put a gun to my mouth yet,
proves that i'm a winner!
Al Bundy

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